i’m still a little annoyed that they’ve disabled telnet access to my server, but as long as they’re willing to execute shell commands for me (like chmod members.pl +x for example) when i call them, everything will be cool. the new server has a whole bunch of new stats that the old server didn’t have, and a bunch of new interfaces for things like .htaccess, robots.txt and spamassassin that make me very happy. i still haven’t figured out how to password-protect something (8/), and i’ve had to get rid of my logo on the error pages, but i think that may be just a “relative-versus-absolute” addressing problem (it was. the error pages have graphics again). all in all, the new server is very cool, and $50 a year cheaper than the old server.

oh, and since the change from the old server, when they straightened out all of my miscellaneous email address issues, i haven’t gotten more than 5 spams in a day, and there have been two days (including today) where i didn’t get any spam at all. 8)