immediately after i posted that last one, my cell phone rang, and caller ID identified it as “UNAVAILABLE”, which usually means that it’s a spam-call of some kind. so i dug out my counterscript, answered… and it was a sales call from someone who wanted to sell me investments! so i turned the tables on her. boy that felt good! 8)

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  1. that’s the great part… with the counterscript, i can re-create a transcript of the call with her responses:

    Me; to whom am i speaking?

    Telephone Jockey: this is jenny from allied investments

    M: could you spell your name for me?

    TJ: j e n n y

    M: could you tell me how you found this number?

    J: several sources, including <lists several business information (spam) sources>

    M: and is this your full time job?

    J: no, it’s only part time.

    M: what else do you do?

    J: i’m in school.

    M: ah nice, what do you study?

    J: pharmacy.

    M: do you also live in washington?

    J: no.

    M: where do you live?

    J: in florida.

    M: incredible. and how long have you been in the telemarketing business?

    J: a couple of weeks.

    M: that’s not very long. and do you like your job?

    J: yes.

    M: i think i would like that job as well. how much do you earn?

    J: $9.50 an hour.

    M: that doesn’t sound bad at all. do you get time off for going to the dentist?

    J: yes.

    M: is it important to have good teeth for your job?

    J: no.

    M: which toothpaste would you recommend?

    J: i’m sorry, what?

    M: which toothpaste would you recommend?

    J: i have no idea…

    M: thank you for your information. would you mind giving me your phone number in case i need further information?

    J: there’s no way to call me…

    M: thanks, and have a pleasant day. <CLICK!>

  2. that’s so great, i would have loved to hear a recording of your conversation with her. 😀

  3. what was her reaction?

    she was so confused by the questions, and the fact that i was questioning her, that she answered most of them without asking why, and when she did (towards the end of the counterscript) i was able to follow another path and get her back on track without too much trouble.

    this was the first time i’ve had the opportunity to use the counterscript, because either i’m befuddled why the person would be calling me in the first place, or i’m too busy (or annoyed with the whole thing) to pull it out in time, but this was on my cell phone (which you can’t add to the “do not call” database, for some unknown reason), and because of the fact that it said “UNAVAILABLE” i had a pretty good idea of what the call would be like before i even answered the phone.

  4. that’s great, what was her reaction? i have a variety of responses. i rarely ever get called because i’m on the 1800donotcall list, but when i do, depending on my mood, i usually say a) this isn’t a good time, why don’t you give me your home number and i’ll call you back, oh you don’t want me to call you at home? well, how in the fuck do you think i like it? *click* or b) this isn’t a good time; when they ask when will be, i say never, get a real job, good luck with that. either way, i’m brutal and i hang up quickly.

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