immediately after i posted that last one, my cell phone rang, and caller ID identified it as “UNAVAILABLE”, which usually means that it’s a spam-call of some kind. so i dug out my counterscript, answered… and it was a sales call from someone who wanted to sell me investments! so i turned the tables on her. boy that felt good! 8)


ever since i first learned of it, i have suspected that i might have Asperger’s Syndrome. i have also come to realise that it is very unlikely that i will ever get a valid diagnosis as having AS because the syndrome wasn’t identified until i was already more-or-less an adult (is 20 an adult? i thought it was when i was 20, but now i’m not so sure). but thanks to , i was pointed to this article about the first u.s. online autism survey, which lead me to the Interactive Autism Network, where i discovered this article about very late diagnosis of asperger syndrome, which has a link to the web site that has all of the screening questionaires… i’m seeing ned today. we’ll see what happens next.