thanks to my awesome web stats, i know that at least 7 people have logged into Hybrid Elephant during the past week as a direct result of my posting a link in my blog, and that post appearing in various peoples’ friends pages. this is to let those 7 of you know, and anybody else who is interested, that i am investigating how to give you a code that will give you 10% off your order if you hit my web site from a livejournal link. stay tuned for further details.

4 thoughts on “904”

  1. then you could have been one of any number of IP addresses that resolve to comcast. especially if you use windows, it’s a good idea to have some kind of firewall, or way of blocking your IP address, so it doesn’t surprise me… but it still woulda been cool if i could identify your hit… 8)

  2. We have broadband…Comcast…but I think Richard has something that blocks/hides our IP address

  3. thanks for taking a look… i’ll post the code for the 10% discount when i know how to implement it. soon… 8)

    i didn’t see any hits from… do you have dialup, or broadband DHCP?

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