the moisture festival ended more than a week ago, and i am still recovering… and it’s not just my ankle, i’ve been sleeping a lot, even though i’ve been doing relatively normal stuff. i’ve had two rehearsals, of the banda gozona last week, and one of the ballard sedentary sousa band last night. the BSSB is rehearsing in the sanctuary of the crown lutheran church these days – a step up from the “tree frog room” at small faces – which is slightly bizarre, but the accoustics are excellent. we haven’t had a fremont philharmonic rehearsal since the moisture festival ended, but we’d better get on the ball, because we’ve got a late night cabaret with shackjack on the 28th. we’ve heard from fred, for the first time since the cirque show that we had to put off last year because he decided to bail on us at the last minute. fred has decided that he wants to “license” his music to fremonstor for $700 a year, which he’s not going to get. personally, i think we should out-and-out buy a few characteristic pieces, like meteor ballade, pyros on parade, widow’s lament, and so forth, for an agreed upon price, and then just not play anything else of fred’s. we’ve got plenty of other music and between kiki, stuart and i we should be able to come up with enough new music to keep us going, besides learning standard covers, which we were unable to do when fred was in charge of the band.

i’ve planned on going in for my kilt-fitting on friday. i haven’t decided, but i am torn between black and something else. my tendency is to think black, but i may get inspired before it actually happens. if nothing else, i’ll consider it payment for having to perform on buckets (not to mention wearing a diaper) after having sprained my ankle.