okay, that’s it… i’m going to paint more on my art car… big surprise, huh?

i’ve discovered that putting my web site address on my car will help in a couple of big ways: first, it will give a place where people who see it “in motion” to go and find out more information about it, rather than just wondering, and second, it will prompt people to look at the rest of my web site as well.

i made this decision when i was at the bank this afternoon. i was in the drive-up, and this lady in the car next to me started asking questions about my car, and the artwork on it, and who did it… and when i said i had done it myself, she wanted to know if i could make signs in arabic for her business, and then she asked if i know anything about web sites… when i gave her my card, she said “oh, you do everything”… so, if nothing else, i got a potential customer.