10 thoughts on “918”

  1. I ended up having to come home early from work coz I was sick, so if I feel any better in the next hour or so, I might end up smoking after all… I started listening to Stealer of Hearts, but it was way too “chill” for me, almost made me want to nap… I might check it out later when/if I’m lit. I found that Saint Fred track irritating… I pretty much got the idea of the “you’re going to hell” samples after 4 times. After 8, I was sick of it. After 16, I wondered why I was still listening. Repetitious music doesn’t bother me if it’s well-done, but repetitious sampling grates on my nerves in a hurry (that’s why I tried to space out the vocal samples in the johnjack tracks as much as I could).

  2. now that i’ve actually had the chance to listen to all 7 tracks: i must say that, of the 7 that i heard, i’m least impressed with oilsands. i really liked symmetry and northstar, but i really like simple, subtle music in general. pedal point single reminds me a lot of things i’ve heard from fatboy slim.

  3. “dust” makes me wanna dance… it’s really good! “oilsands” is a bit too fast, and not long enough to really “trip out” on, but it’s good as well.

    as long as we’re “trading” music, have you heard Stealer of Hearts and God Sees It All?

  4. Hey, since you’re in the process of doing me virtual stoner favours, would you mind checking out my johnjack music while you’re mega stoned, and giving me your thoughts? I’m particularly proud of the “trippy” qualities of “dust” and “oilsands”. If you have a SoundClick account, that page has all of the songs, but if you don’t have one and don’t want to sign up, MySpace and iSound each have four selections… New Music Canada also has all 7 tracks, but their interface doesn’t seem to work in some browsers.

  5. We both have different problems, but with the same outcome… I have my backup supply of 5 joints literally 3 feet in front of my face right now, but I simply can’t partake (leaving for work in 20 minutes). If there was some way for me to email some of this to you, I would.

  6. Smoke some for me too… my dude up and disappeared on me and I can not find anybody else down here to save my life.

    Sobriety sucks.

  7. not that it’ll help you any, but i’ll smoke extra, just for you… 8) it’s a good excuse.

  8. I work at 2:30pm today (less than 3 hours from now), and I have to go straight to bed when I get home tonight because I work for 8:30am tomorrow. This is going to be my worst 4/20 ever. At least I got a little toasted after midnight last night before going to bed, so it sort of counts.

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