i got a postcard order from eva funderburgh, which i printed and delivered today. they’re postcards for an upcoming gallery show on 4 may, and my guess is that she wanted them right away, so i delivered them by hand. there was nobody home, so i left them in the mailbox. the mail had already been delivered (otherwise i wouldn’t have left them, as i know that “tampering with the mail is a federal offense”), and there were names that i recognised on the mail that was already there, but at the same time, it felt a little odd just leaving them outside the house with nobody there to receive them. that’s the reason why i put insurance and delivery confirmation on packages that i mail out, and, because i was delivering them by hand, those options were not available to me. she knows that i’m delivering them, so if she doesn’t get them, i’m sure she’ll let me know, but if she doesn’t get them, then i’m probably going to have to make another run into seattle, probably tonight, to retrieve them from wherever it is that i dropped them off, which, although it has the right address, is apparently not the place…

aarrggh! why did i do that?

next time someone from seattle orders something, i’ll only deliver it if they’re there to meet me in person, so this doesn’t happen again… 8/