one of the things i do to discourage spammers is to run wpoison on my site as a script called members.pl (if you’re curious, you can click there, but any further clicks on any link will just generate more “gibberish” non-email addresses with no further explanation)… but i discovered today (thanks to my AWESOME web stats), that if you put “members.pl” into a google search, my site comes up number one on the list…

heh heh heh… }8D

er… um… i mean how unfortunate

heh heh heh…

also, i’ve discovered that someone at psyreactor dot com has been hotlinking a graphic from my HTML tutorial. since psyreactor is a web forum which you have to log into in order to see the individual forums, i have been unable to tell exactly where at psyreactor dot com the hotlink is, but i know which graphic they’re stealing… so i changed the name of the graphic that they want to something else, and put this in it’s place:


5 thoughts on “936”

  1. if they wanted to steal my graphic, then they could have without too much difficulty. what i object to is not that they’re using my graphic, but that they’re using my bandwidth. if they really want my graphic, i’m willing to let them have it as long as they post it on their server, but they didn’t ask, they just assumed that i wouldn’t be looking for it… they were wrong.

  2. there’s already an .htaccess in place that prevents servers that i don’t know from hotlinking my graphics, but apparently that doesn’t stop some people from trying anyway. somehow they’ve managed to choose the correct graphic name, which, in my experience, works once before they get the 403 page that’s supposed to be there instead… which may be all they’re looking for. psyreactor is the only server that is doing this currently, and it’s the same graphic every time, so i just renamed the graphic that they want, and put the new one in it’s place.

  3. Or maybe they were just trying to give you the credit, since they could have stolen the image and they reposted it somewhere else. I know I used to reference images this way sometimes, when I wished to give credit to the owner.

  4. You could also engage an .htaccess file to prevent outside sources from hotlinking to your material.

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