i drove into downtown seattle yesterday to meet with silveradept, who was here from ann arbor, michigan, for job interviews. i spent part of the afternoon wandering around seattle and the market with him, despite the bracing dampness in the air (which would be called “rain” just about anywhere else in the world), and then i went up to capitol hill to meet with moe and micah. after that i discovered that i had a flat tire, and my spare was flat as well, so i hassled with getting air in my spare, and changing the flat one and then i went home for about 10 minutes, whereupon moe and micah picked me up in moe’s car and we, along with the szechuan chinese takeout that they picked up for us, went to kirkland to watch indian movies – which in this case was Cheeni Kum, starring amitabh bhachchan and tabu. it was typical, in that it starred amitabh bhachchan, and it was long enough that it had an intermission (4 hours?), but it made for good character development and even the incidental characters had personality and life that you don’t see in western movies, but it was odd for bollywood because there were no big song and dance numbers. i then drove micah back to hahn’s, where he’s staying this weekend (he lives in florida, or something like that) and then drove home, in moe’s car, while moe slept. this morning i got up and was out the door at 8:00 to take my car to get new tires. in the process, i also discovered that i have no brakes (which was a surprise to me, as i thought the brakes were pretty good, and they haven’t been making any untoward noises or anything like that) and my left front CV joint needs replacing – something of which i have been aware for a few weeks now – which they said would cost around $400 to fix, but i’m hoping i can get it cheaper from jack, because he’s someone i have done business with in the past, and he sold me the car to begin with. one way or the other, it should probably get done before OCF. i then drove – with no brakes – to key center, which is west of purdy, but i got lost on the way and actually made all the way to the north of bremerton before i realised it and turned around and found the road to purdy, where i got a FREE lawn mower (freecycle ROCKS!!), which is something we have been needing for a couple months, since the old one died. i then drove back home, ate leftover szechuan chinese takeout, and mowed the lawn, which took about 3 times longer than it should have because it hasn’t been mowed in a couple months.


now i’m gonna take a shower, wash the grime and grass stains out from behind my ears, and afterwards, smoke what little cannabis i have left. later on we’re gonna go to maneki to have dinner with micah and mom.

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  1. Ah, I see. Well, in proportion to how tall an actual trombone is, that’s not too far off in ratios. Although, yes, I’m probably taller and a bit thinner than the icon would have you believe.

  2. i’m up for that… 8)

    although, to be honest, i didn’t picture you as being as tall as you are. your icon makes it seem like you’re a lot shorter… 8)

  3. Thanks for showing me around the place. I had a fantastic time talking to you and seeing the thigns that were there. If I manage to make a job out here, we’ll have to do that more often.

  4. actually, the four hour indian movie, most of my interactions with micah and all of my interactions with were yesterday. today was prolonged lawnmowing, along with getting lost on the olympic peninsula with no brakes. and it would have been a lot better if it weren’t for the flat tire and subsequent revelations about my brakes and constant velocity joint. as it was, it has been a very rough, anxiety-filled day.

    micah is a guy that moe knows from work. he is a veterinarian who works with marine mammals, and he and moe have been scheming for a couple of years around their mutual interest in the behaviour of large, captive animals. i get the impression that, someday, possibly soon, there’s going to be some major, money-making thing having to do with captive animal behaviour, with moe and micah as the motivating force behind it all.

  5. wow, four hour indian movie, prolonged lawnmowing, and chinese food. that sounds like a VERY good sunday to me. who’s michah?

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