now that i’ve gotten a mouse (my old one died: the red LED that it uses to gauge the surface moving by burned out. it was only 10 years old.) so that i can photoshop the photos, i can update about the fremont fair and solstice parade.

i arrived around 8:30 in the morning, because i was aware that later on there would be traffic problems. as i was on my way into the south part of seattle, i saw this train car that had a grafitto that said “trousers”, or something like it, so i decided to take a picture. it’s a good thing, too, because if i had waited until i was on my way home, i would have missed it.


the parade was at noon, and there were a whole pile of naked bicyclists throughout the whole parade. there were also a bunch of people who dressed in the style of ancient egyptians and built a pyramid in the center of the universe… and then dismantled it and carried it off, block by block…


there were the standard gawkers, lookie-loos and someone, once again, said “oh, that’s french!”… although they may have been talking about the car next to mine, which said “La Vie En Rose” on it, but they were in front of my car, and looking at my car, so i really don’t know.

there were also some real characters. this one older guy in a white suit and straw boater hat was feisty. i asked him if he minded if i took his picture and he said “why?” i was taken aback, but at the same time, i figured what the hell, so i pulled out the old cop tactic and said “why not?” he replied “most people don’t ask.” then he struck a pose for me. he also got into an argument with a girl that was buying incense, and spanked her with his cane.


then there was a whole family of people who were very excited when they saw my car, and asked all sorts of questions all at once: is this your car? did you do all the writing? do you know what it says? who gave you the text? what text is it? do you worship ganesha? are you from india? are you from seattle only? ah cha! it is very good, you have done very well, it is very appreciableness! we are from india, you know.


SACBO was a blast, and i got to sell incense both days. i didn’t make very much, but i gave out a lot of cards with my URI on them. i’ll have to bring more business cards with me next year… there were a ton of cars that i have never seen, some of which are pictured here for those of you who are interested. there would have been a lot more pictures – there were 185 on my memory card yesterday – but while i was copying the card to the hard disk, the computer crashed and took about ⅔ of the photos with it.

yesterday moe and i went to see the indigo girls at the zoo. i left my car at the fair and picked it up at 8:30 pm, after the fair was over. it makes a lot of noise and i am worried about driving it with no brakes and a cv joint that needs to be replaced, but unless a miracle happens, i’m not expecting to be able to get it fixed any time soon.

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  1. The old codger in the boater is a Pike Market regular. Strolls through most every day.


  2. i’m really disappointed that i lost so many pictures. there were some really good ones, like the pictures of the aerocar, and more detailed pictures of “I AM EH” and more pictures of the car that i couldn’t describe from last year… and a whole pile of cars that were new to me and i have never seen before, along with many people who were strange, interesting, or both… oh well, at least the camera works again.

    the indigo girls were alright, but i’m not really familiar with a lot of their music, and there was no actual “seating” – everybody was on blankets on the grass, and there was a “bracing dampness in the air” (which everybody else said was “rain”, but it wasn’t really rain), so it was difficult for me to hear a lot of it, but moe liked it, and that’s all that really counts…

  3. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there to see all the cars. Maybe I’ll be able to see them at some other point in my life.

  4. fun. i like your pics. too bad about losing some, hate when that happens. i like the old man in white and that’s cool about the indian family’s excitement over ganesha trhe car. 🙂 how were the indigo girls?

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