today is my physical birthday. my actual birthday is 29 february, which only comes once every four years, so i get 11 july as a physical birthday on the years when 29 february doesn’t appear and i get two birthdays (but i only age 1 year) on the years when 29 february does happen. as far as i know, there will be no party or presents or anything like that, but my “consolation prize” is that we (as in me and moe) are going to OCF tomorrow, which is the first time in 4 years that we will have spent my birthday together, as in the previous 3 years my birthday has been when i am at OCF. my understanding is that my mother-in-law has procured a 17″ flat screen monitor for me as well, which we will pick up on the way to the fair tomorrow, but considering how much my mother-in-law knows about computers, i’m gonna wait until i see it before i decide whether i’m gonna use it or freecycle it.

i celebrated today by going out this morning and harvesting a baggie full of seeds from one of our neighbours’ opium poppies. this time next year, with a little luck, i will have opium to smoke for the first time since we moved here. yay!

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  1. My grandmother was born on February 29th; we just celebrated her birthday on March 1st every year. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday mate!

    Gotta work something out with that actual birth date! I don’t think I’ve met anyone whose birth date is the 29th of February. Guess their mothers made sure they hung on in there or forced the birth to avoid any problems with their kids wondering just what the hell was going on as they were growing up!

  3. the funny thing is the neighbours probably don’t have the slightest clue what they’re growing at the foot of their driveway. this is a fairly conservative area and my guess is that if they knew what it was, they would dig them up and salt the ground. 8)

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