12 thoughts on “1067”

  1. Loads fast.

    Simple design. But pleasing to the eye.

    Easy to navigate.

    Seems like a very nice site design.

  2. I’m with silveradept on the shuffling bottom menu thing. Other than that, it’s clean, readable and easily navigable. Good site.

  3. A good thorough update on all content would definitely be a good idea. I’m sure that the SSSB has many more exploits worthy of mentioning by this time.

  4. Huh, well that’s a pain. Considering it’s part of the CSS standard, you would think that every browser would support it correctly, but everybody has their own way of implementing, so I can see where it’s easier just to forego it. Maybe if the Sedentary Sousa logo were the same size as the backdrop image, so that you could create the “effect” of it having faded into the background when you go into the site?

  5. unfortunately, one of the caveats they gave me was that it has to look good on every browser and every OS, which means that if i use a z-index, some browsers will ignore it entirely, and i don’t have the time or the technology to figure out which ones, so i just didn’t use it at all.

  6. i’ll check with the owner of the domain to see what she thinks about the moving “home” link. thanks.

    the volume 3 has still not been released yet. that’s another thing that i want them to consider updating. 8/

  7. The moving “Home” in the navigation, based on where you are, is bad juju for me, and makes it harder to find. Better, instead, to decide on an order and replicate it uniformly across the site.

    Also, the merchandise section says volume three was due out two years ago. Knowing the nature of the band, it’s probably intentional, but I wanted to check, just in case.

  8. There may be. I have no idea whether it’s bad practice or not, but if browsers support the CSS declaration “z-index”, I believe that you can use that to make things appear “behind” something, but in front of others, like the concept of layers in image manipulation. A quick check out to W3schools tells me that I’ve remembered correctly. You might be able to produce a backdrop image, and then z-index that behind the other image for the appropriate effect. This does require CSS, though, so someone who has that turned off will not get the effect.

    z-index apparently also only works on “position: absolute” elements, so there may have to be some resolution fiddling and testing invovled.

  9. i wish there were some way to specify a background image in something other than the <body> tag, because i think the static background picture behind the BSSB logo in the foreground on the index page looks wonky.

  10. Also, I just took a quick look at the current version of the site, and yours is less colourful, but a definite improvement overall.

  11. I like:
    It’s basic. Too many web designers get caught up on eye candy and throw functionality out the window. This site, however, gives the information in a clear manner, and isn’t ugly, so there’s no reason to “jazz it up”.

    I don’t like:
    The static background image. I don’t remember exactly when this trend started, and I may be in the minority with this opinion, but I HATE when a background image stays still while I scroll a page. I find it distracting and completely unnecessary.

    So aside from my static wallpaper gripe, my first impression on the site is a definite thumbs-up.

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