Swastika is banned in parade
August 08, 2007
By: Leif Nesheim

Ganesha Guy
Displaying the symbol that got his car evicted from the Snoqualmie Railroad Days parade, Bruce Salamandir-Feyrecilde of Milton said he was disappointed he couldn’t be in the parade.

Bruce Salamandir-Feyrecilde’s white 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse is adorned with black Sanskrit characters and a colorful Hindu symbol on the roof. The problem? The symbol includes a swastika. The art car was nixed from the Snoqualmie Railroad Days’ grand parade. Salamandir-Feyrecilde was incensed. “It really bothers me that while I am trying to educate people, the people who need educating the most are the ones in charge,” he said. Salamandir-Feyrecilde is Hindu. He painted his car in honor of Ganesha, the Hindu god of removing obstacles. The roof symbol, known as Ganesha Yantra, is similar in meaning to the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol, he said.

actually it’s a 1996 Mazda Protegé, but they got the important stuff right. there will be more of this article when i receive the actual newspaper that it’s printed in.

but i think it’s amusing that he said i was “incensed”… i wonder if he looked at my web site… 8)


I hope it isn’t inappropriate to contact you via this site.

I heard what happened to you involving the Railroad Days parade. The story made it onto http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?brd=965 . if the parade actually banned you because of that, I would make a very big deal out of it. The parade is part of Railroad Days, and isn’t Railroad Days something sanctioned by the city of Snoqualmie?

Personally, if something happened that were to violate my freedom of expression, I would make a big deal out of it, by contacting the news or perhaps contacting the ACLU. At the very least, they, whoever initiated the ban against your car, needs to be shamed publically, in my opinion. Maybe they’ll learn.