i have a swastika on my art car… get used to it!

so i submitted pictures of my art car to the national 2008 Art Car Calendar.

this was the response they sent me:


You have a beautiful car, but I do have a problem with the swatstika on top.

Yes, I know that I am ignorant and narrow minded, but the image is embedded in my brain as an evil symbol of hate.

Next year if you would allow me to cover it up or replace it with another symbol, then I would feel more comfortable to have it in the calendar.

I truly apologize if I have offended you in any way, but that is my opinion and I publish the calendar.

Thank you for submitting your car for the calendar.

so this was the response i sent back:

if people like you continue to be in positions where they can determine what other people see, then the swastika will never regain that which it had for everyone, for literally thousands of years before anybody ever heard of the nazis. if that happens, it will be a sad day for humanity.

one of the reasons why i put a swastika on my car is to show people that it had another, entirely opposite meaning from the one people like you have put upon it in the past 85 years.

you may not cover or alter the artwork on my car. to do so would be a misrepresentation of what i meant for my art car, and i will not permit you to do so.

i am offended, but i will get over it. however, you should examine your prejudices again in a year or so and see if they haven’t changed, because if they haven’t, then it is possible that you have offended The Remover of Obstacles, and i can’t speak for Him.

3 thoughts on “i have a swastika on my art car… get used to it!”

  1. Augh! That’s a pretty stupid decision – “remove the thing that offends me in my ignorance, and I’ll let you display your car.” What if someone finds the designs wonderful and wants to know what they are, or is inspired to do research on why such a symbol would be given such reverence?

    *sigh* Think bigger, people. In terms of cosmic significance, Naziism is less than a drop in the bucket.

  2. who does she think she is, offering me a place in the 2009 calendar if she could alter the artwork on my car?

    i hate to think what symbol she would use to replace it… 8/

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