great… 8b

i just received a letter from DSHS/DVR – the Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. they are in receipt of my request for vocational services (it’s about time! i applied almost 5 years ago, and this is the first i’ve heard from them except for a notice telling me that i was on the waiting list.) and have scheduled an appointment for me on "Monday, 2/12/2008 at 10:00 am."

i wonder if this is a test, to discover whether or not i am aware of the fact that neither the 12th of february, nor the 2nd of december, if you’re being european, come on a monday this year… strangely enough, they’re both tuesdays…

if it is a test, i wonder how i should respond…

2 thoughts on “great… 8b”

  1. yeah, i plan on doing that, but i can’t do it until tomorrow, because nobody’s in the office today.

    it’s really strange that they mailed it so that i received it after normal business hours on saturday, and nobody’s in the office sunday, so that whoever sent it to me has a good head start before i call to get a correction on the mistake that they made. it also concerns me that the grammar of the letter isn’t exactly the best. i imagine that things like this are a test to see whether or not i really am “brain-injured” or not… 8/

  2. You should probably just call the office to verify the day you’ve been asked to come in; it’s probably Monday, but you don’t know that for sure.

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