Ha Ha!

this is exactly why i wanted to get away from using LiveJournal!

No more Basic Accounts – this means that you can no longer sign up for a free account at LiveJournal. they apparently haven’t said whether or not the free accounts created before March 12, 2008 will be grandfathered, or if they will be automatically transferred into “plus” – i.e. “with advertising” – accounts. when i originally signed up at LJ, there was no such thing as advertising, and they assured me that there would never be advertising, and yet not only is it here, but there’s no way to not have advertising on your livejournal account.

i’m SO glad i’m not blogging there any longer! you have no idea!

4 thoughts on “HA HA!”

  1. i’m also running OpenID, and i, too, would like to find a way to roll it into what i’ve already got. i don’t allow anonymous comments, though (which, in my case, more often than not, are spam anyway), so it’s not so much of a concern for me.

  2. A long while back I got a free LJ account just so I could comment on your and one other person’s blog there.

    Recently I discovered just how easy (and free) OpenID is.

    I now use it on the other person’s blog (she is still at LJ) and have deleted my LJ account.

    This will also stop the problem I discovered when I went to delete the account, to wit: someone had tried to contact me there and the message was month’s old. I never checked the dang account, just used it to comment with.

    I’m pretty happy running my own blog with free software on my own server. I only wish that there were more places that used OpenID and further, that there was some way to roll it into my blog (though I allow anonymous comments so I’m not cutting anybody out).

  3. considering that you probably paid your $150 to 6A, and ??? is in charge now, i would guess that your “lifetime” account is already on its last legs. and even if it’s not, i’ve heard that, ever since they were first introduced, ads have had a tendency to “leak over” even into permanent accounts on occasion, and nobody knows why….

  4. Well, when I first came on, they were offering one of their “lifetime” accounts for $150, so I scraped up the money and bought one. I don’t know if they’re going to renege on this deal, but I’ve only paid them that once, and best of all, there are no ads!

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