when i was about in 5th grade or so, my trombone teacher had me work from Remington Warm Up Studies for Trombone, which was a soft-cover book that couldn’t have been more than 24 pages or so, and cost $2.95. i went through two or three of them by the time i graduated from high school, because they were so flimsy.

so i’m wondering why amazon dot com wants $86.50 for the book now… and if i want to buy it from amazon in germany, i could pay as much as $305.95 for it…

why is this so expensive?!? also, why can’t i just download it as a PDF and print my own copy?

… oh, that’s right, stupid copyright laws… 8b

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  1. Could it be out-of-print? Out-of-print books fetch crazy prices; I remember looking for The Tuba Family online and finding it available for about $275, I think. Howard Johnson had bought his copy at Scribner’s a long time ago, and lent it to me, which touched and amazed me.

    When The Tuba Family was reissued, I ordered a copy right away; unfortunately, it’s now out of print again and is again fetching hundreds of dollars a copy. (http://www.alibris.com/booksearch?title=The+Tuba+Family)

    I must admit, these prices are still for the first edition.

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