grumph… 8/

interlake class reunion

i received this in email this morning. my 30th high school reunion means that i am OLD

but, the thing is, i don’t want to go to my high school reunion! when i was in high school, i only had 4 friends (and one of them was my girlfriend, who was in a different class than i was) out of the entire school, which was probably 1,000 students at the time, most of the other people either didn’t know me or actively hated me for one (usually lame) reason or another, i actually spent most of my junior and senior years attending music workshops in a different city, and, to top it all off, they want $100 a person to gain entrance to the reunion…

i can think of several reasons why i should spend $100 on something other than going to my high school reunion… 8/

2 thoughts on “grumph… 8/”

  1. Lucky me…I never get invites to those things because they used to send them to my parents’ house for the early reunions; then my dad died in ’89 and my mom moved to a condo not long after. Are all the reunion committees so well-organized? Let’s hope so!

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