hack this… 8/

CAPTCHAso i’ve been downloading a couple of disks i found on A Closet of Curiosities, and one of the disks is shared on RapidShare. as a share-point for blogs, rapidshare is as good as any other, i suppose, but their name is not semantically accurate – it’s anything but rapid. after downloading one file, i have to wait 80 minutes before i can download another file, and once i’ve waited the requisite 80 minutes, i have to enter the symbols in the following CAPTCHA, but only the symbols that are attached to a cat… yes, the pre-download page very clearly says “Only enter symbols attached to a cat.”

any human can see that the CAPTCHA has the characters YKRZB4G, but it takes a very skilled human being to discern that the code that it wants is KZ4G. as you may have guessed by this time, it took me several tries to get beyond this.

i understand that such things are necessary to prevent teenage doodlehums from doing undesired things with computer resources, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “hack this… 8/”

  1. the problem is when i read a closet of curiosities, for example, they upload to a variety of places, and i would have to pay for an account at every one of them to displace their non-rapid nature… which would cost a lot, and, as you may be able to tell, i can’t afford it.

  2. RS.com is rapid, if you have a paid account! I’ve had one for a couple of years now. Full on download speeds, no uploading so no getting your IP caught up and caught. Cheaper than Newsgroups and peace of mind to boot.

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