i’m not relaxing yet

obama is president, but we still have the state governor’s race, which probably won’t be finally decided for several days. anybody but dino rossi would be fine with me.

2 thoughts on “i’m not relaxing yet”

  1. what distinguishes it is that there are some particularly nasty “dirty diaper” ads from both sides as a regular part of business, and neither one (of the sides) produces on a regular basis, so that the best i can hope for is “anybody but” a particular candidate…

    dino rossi in this instance because, among other things, he talked about lowering the state minimum wage by $1.50 because “it’s not supposed to be a living wage”… 8/

    but, thankfully, it appears as though the governor’s race isn’t going to be as close as it was last time, and the only slightly less obnoxious christine gregoire has pulled into the lead enough that most people are calling the election for her. rossi hasn’t conceded though, and there were a whole bunch of recounts and a couple of lawsuits last time, so don’t count him out yet. 8/

  2. Well, I’m not sure who Dino Rossi is, but the other day someone mentioned a “dirty diaper” ad some Washington [state] politician had a few years back; I totally forget the name.

    What distinguishes Washington state politics?

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