okay, this morning i got up and went to the fremont sunday market. it didn’t seem like a particularly outrageous day, and i was a little confused when 4:00 came around and everybody started packing up. i knew that during the winter they moved up the closing time from 5:00 to 4:00, but i didn’t realise that they had already done it – last week, of course, when i wasn’t there… but as i was packing up, someone came by and bought a small box of Ten Pyo, someone else bought a box of hakubai, and a guy came all the way from bellingham to buy 10 krishna musk, which added $70 to my total. it turns out that, all told, i made $180 – my best day ever at the FSM!

2 thoughts on “FSM!”

  1. As an indicator of where my head is at, when I saw the title of this post in my RSS aggregator I didn’t think “Fremont Sunday Market,” I thought “Flying Spaghetti Monster.”

    Congrats on the great day. I earned a bit more than that at PPM this weekend, but it took me two days!

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