HAH!… sort of… i guess… 8/

so my linux box had a bunch of package updates that it had to install, so i finally got around to installing them today, and when they were done, it told me that i had a version upgrade (jaunty jackalope) that i could install, and so i decided to install it as well. strangely enough, there was something wrong with the upgrade and the ultimate result was that it lost the mouse and keyboard, which meant that i couldn’t log in.

fortunately (sort of), i have the /home on a secondary disk, and i have my calendar backed up on google, so the only thing i can’t immediately access is my email database. i have access to my email accounts, just not the already sent and received email that i have on my computer.

so, the battle of the computer begins again, but it’s all a lot more under control, sort of, than it has been in the past. i have to figure out why the computer apparently isn’t seeing the CD-ROM drive on startup, and i have to figure out why the computer isn’t seeing the mouse and keyboard when it boots from the hard disk, but i have a computer, and a calendar, and the ability to fill orders (if i get any) without too much difficulty, so it’s not a reason to panic and run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off…

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  1. yeah, i’ve been trying to stay with the 5 year support versions as well, i just wasn’t thinking. it’s been too short a period of time between the last battle of the computer, and besides which, i’ve been sick. i’d appreciate any advice you can give me. the CD of v8 that i tried to load wouldn’t, because for some reason i can’t get my keyboard to load, and i need it to “Press DEL to enter setup” when i first turn it on… 8/

  2. You know I loves me some Ubuntu, but right from the start I decided I’d only install the “extended support” versions. So I stuck with v6 until v8 came out and I’ll be on it until whatever version is next for their “5 years support guaranteed” version.

    That’s probably another reason I’m simply a beta geek instead of an alpha geek, but I’m down with that.

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