the battle of the computer is over! the linux guru (whose name is francis) and i got my computer working, after three days of mucking about in the inner (read “command-line interface”) workings of the underpinning of kubuntu. when you dig down that deep, you’re not running k/x/ed/ubuntu any longer, it’s actually debian, which is, apparently, a rock-solid piece of software capable of doing many things that k/x/ed/ubuntu screws up, or can’t do at all. it’s now running jaunty jackalope, after having the innards of hardy heron ripped out from its smouldering carcass and having kde4 and the latest linux kernel forcably overwritten. i’m not sure if i really like it yet (it looks way too much like windoesn’t XP), but i can probably get used to it, and/or configure the parts that i don’t like so that they won’t be so annoying.

2 thoughts on “REJOICE!”

  1. the first time i saw the “kickoff menu style” it reminded me of windows XP and i did everything i could to find the “classic menu style” in spite of the fact that there seem to be a few things that you can’t do with it in classic menu – like adding applications to the panel. also there’s no very obvious way to move the panel from the bottom of the screen (like windoesn’t) to the top of the screen, where i like it. you have to go through all kinds of rigamarole to “re-create” the panel, rather than just dragging it where you want, like you could with hardy. at this point i’ve got most of the stuff working the way i want, but it’s also considerably slower on this machine, and now that i have a working CD-ROM again, i’m sorely tempted to go back to hardy, just to get the little bit of extra speed back.

    and i don’t know about the OpenID stuff. it doesn’t work for me, either, but it apparently works for other readers. i haven’t decided whether or not it’s going to hang around or not.

  2. Glad to hear everything’s up and running again. The underpinning system is good. If Debian would update more than once in an eon, more people would probably stick with that over Ubuntu.

    From someone running KDE4 since Intrepid, it’s not as Windoesn’ty XP as you think by default, more Windoesn’t Vista, which irritated me even more before I could change things back. I’m still waiting for the giant widget compatibility where I can steal all the good Dashboard utilities and use them.

    Also, tried to use the OpenID with the website, but it only got to a white screen as it looked like it was trying to make it work, but nothing happened.

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