2 thoughts on “BSSB”

  1. there’s only so much i can do on my own… the content is not mine, and i have no control over it, i just put it up. the BSSB has nobody who wants to put up and maintain a youtube channel, and nobody, not even the person who is in charge of the merchandise, who wants to “bother” getting a paypal account: “it’s too much work” is the regular refrain i hear every time i bring it up… 😐

    and don’t get me started on the big holes in the band bios. i’ve actually started using “made up” bio information for people who haven’t sent me anything (no prizes for guessing which ones are made up)…

  2. Site’s not bad at all. Clean, easily navigable. Very nice.

    Things I would change/fix (most not in the “webmaster” dept. but you should get the idea):

    1) big holes in the band bios.
    2) fax in your order? puleaze! get organized with PayPal or something of its ilk. normal web surfers are simply NOT going to order if they can’t go “click click click done.”
    3) seattlechannel.org? puleaze again! get some vids up on youtube or vimeo or something so that more folk can discover you, order your merch and help support the madness.


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