things you learn from r. crumb…

so i recently broke down and purchased R. Crumb’s monumental project, The Book of Genesis, and i was flipping through it appreciating the elaborate artwork, when i came across this:

this is an illustration of a story i had located many years ago, and then promply forgot, but this is actually a better way of looking at it, and illustrates my point even better than i could have previously.

namely, what is this ancient biblical patriarch doing worshipping a shiva lingam?!?

i’ve wondered about this for a long time, and now that i have an actual illustration of it, it will be easier to ask unsuspecting “christians” why this founder of “christianity” felt it was okay to worship the way those “godless heathens” do…

2 thoughts on “things you learn from r. crumb…”

  1. the godless heathens used to do

    in this case, it’s what the “godless heathens” still do… what made it okay then, but not okay now?

  2. They’ll usually sidestep it by saying that Jews were Godless heathens before and still are because they don’t accept the One True Christ and their Savior.

    That said, the scholar in me just shakes his head and says, “Christians today do a lot of things that look like what the godless heathens used to do. It’s how they got converts.”

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