another week closer to the eschaton…

before i get into it, happy martin luther king jr. day. i was in birmingham during one of his rallies in 1963, and met him when i was three years old. the only other thing i remember about that event was that i also got shit on by a pigeon…

food stamp participation over the past 5 yearsBroke and Hungry: This Chart Says It All – there’s more at the article, but this chart is not particularly encouraging…

Ex-CIA official says US Patriot Act is a Nazi law – gee, ya’ think? meanwhile, Congress quietly prepares to renew Patriot Act – another way the government lies to us, telling us one thing and then doing exactly the opposite… 😡

A Friendly Suggestion on Products Designed to Conceal Sensitive Areas – TSA’s reminder to people who think it’s funny to wear 4th Amendment Underwear: you’re probably going to be groped, and if you think this is TSA’s way of getting back at clever passengers… you’re probably right.

meanwhile, Boy, 9, has Disney World trip ruined after US immigration rules him a threat and Alexander Landau got pulled over for an illegal left turn — and ended up beaten bloody – they’re doing this instead of going after real terrorists.

Mission homeowner fined $5,200 for growing cucumbers, Cops targeted wrong address, rousted my family, Man angry after gun-point raid at his home and Police drug raid finds guinea pig heater – they wouldn’t have had to be any raid at all if it all were legal, but cops, apparently, would rather roust innocent people than they would to find an actual terrorist anywhere… 😐

Time to Ban Muslim Immigration – time to ban anyone who wants to ban a group of people just because of a few loonies… but i’m not gonna hold my breath… 😡

at the same time, Political Gifts From Beyond the Grave: Dead Woman Donates Thousands of Dollars to Tea Party Express – some of our best contributors are dead… according to our surveys, they’re also some of the most satisfied with the use of their donations. 😡

Facebook boobs over breastfeeding page… again – first, breasts aren’t obscene. prudish, immaturaty is obscene. second, if they’re going to do something, they should either make up their minds and do it, or apologise, and i’d be willing to bet that neither of those things actually happen.

finally, there’s another good example of someone with way too much time (and skill) on their hands: Meatscapeswhat??