a day

new ear plugsi had to take the piccolo i repaired back to its owner. i also had an appointment with ned. they were separated by four hours, but i decided that it would be best if i drove, parked and made a day of it. i delivered the piccolo, and then i went to laughing buddha and bought two new ear plugs. i do this instead of expanding my ear ‘ole (which i would do in a cold second if i could: it’s terrifically addictive…), because my beautiful wife doesn’t like it, and it’s not a good thing to do things that my beautiful wife doesn’t like. 😉

then i wandered and took pictures. they’ve completely destroyed four blocks of capitol hill, right across from dicks and the place where my acupuncturist’s office used to be, walled the entire four-block area with 18-foot walls, and dug an ENORMOUS hole, rather like the one that they dug in downtown seattle back in the ’80s. then i went to west seattle and wandered a little more. there are the obligatory pictures if anybody is interested. i found out that my blood pressure is higher in the morning than it is in the afternoon, and if i record my blood pressure in the morning, it looks a lot worse than it actually is… which is a MASSIVE relief, because for the past five days it seems to have been getting higher and higher… but it’s because i was checking it in the morning. if i check it in the afternoon, it is apparently a lot more reasonable… i.e. diastolic 115 in the morning and 85 in the afternoon.

another week closer to the eschaton…

"Safe" Radiation is a Lethal Three Mile Island Lie and Nuclear Power Can Never Be Made Safe – in case there were any questions… unfortunately, i am getting the very strong impression that it’s going to have to happen to us, in “somebody’s back yard”It’s Time to Close California’s Nuclear Power Plants – before we’re going to do anything to stop it… and by then, it may be too late.

No Place to Hide: Internet Tracking Probe Unveiled as New Smartphone Spy Scandal Unwinds – even on cell phones which do not have GPS capabilities, they still have “location service” software that triangulates on the closest cell phone towers, and stores that information in unencrypted files. i have known this for years, which is one of the reasons why i don’t use my cell phone that frequently…

meanwhile, Steve Jobs Lies About iPhone Tracking – because nobody will know anything if they don’t admit it…

Obama: War is peaceand, in case you were completely clueless, President Obama Makes a Fair Trial of Bradley Manning Impossible By Declaring Him Guilty

Obama Doctrine Allows for Regime Change by Assassination – and when he can’t just declare someone guilty and have that stick, the next step is to try assassination.

Obama Doctrine Allows for Regime Change by Assassination – only the people who follow bin laden’s lead will not see this as a reason to give up, but they will see this as a reason to redouble their efforts… 😡

and, by the way, they’re already up in arms about it: Taliban commander vows to avenge Bin Laden’s death – this is why the whole idea of killing osama bin laden was wrong from the very beginning… oh well, i suppose they’ll never learn… 😐

TSA Molests Miss USA, Makes Her Cry… For Your Safety

White House releases Obama’s "Long Form" birth certificate – and judging by some of the comments, that is not going to make one iota of difference… although i like the one that says “now do we call them the ‘after-birther’ movement?” i may disagree with how obama is running the country, but i’d still much rather have him than pretty much anyone else from the republicretins who is saying that they want to be president at this point… palin, trump, santorum, romney, gingrich, pawlenty, bachman, huckabee… Obama Birth Certificate Number Proves Forgery? – what did i say?

BP Expects to Resume Drilling in Gulf of Mexico within Months – oil spill? what oil spill?

An illegal substance sold legally

Belgium reaches one year without a full government – which just goes to show you that, ultimately, we don’t really need a full government to get things done… a fact which somebody should have noticed by now…

Superman Renounces His U.S. Citizenship – he’s tired of “having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy.” republicretins in real life are outraged… 🙂

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