yee HAW!!

i’m back from OCF, with about 200 photos that i am currently going through, slowly. be patient and all will be revealed… or at least as much of it as i feel comfortable putting on internet… 8)

but the reason for this post is that the day i left i got a notice from my anti-cracker program that said that it had permanently banned yet another IP address from being able to access my web site, because the person behind it had been poking around on my web site in a place where they definitely should not be… i’m SO jazzed that this works… it makes my day… week… month… 😀

not only that, but, today i got a message from an email administrator in germany, informing me that one of my recent, automatic spam reports (i.e. i didn’t even know that the spam message had been sent, received, or reported, because it happens completely automatically) was actually successful in preventing approximately 12,000 further messages from being sent. now i realise that 12,000 messages are a drop in the ocean of spam, but it’s a drop that didn’t get sent because of my automatic set-up…

isn’t technology wonderful? 8)