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  1. unfortunately, it is my belief that nobody makes aparajita in the brown stick any longer… i think that it may have been a relic of the manufacturing process used by the tabla company, which is not used by cauvery… you’re right, though… the brown sticks were definitely superior to the black ones.

  2. I do not know the differences, but all I know is the brown stick version was much stronger than the black stick I got off Ebay.

  3. I do not know the differences, but all I know is the brown stick aparajita was superior to the black charcoal stick one.

  4. I will wait a month more and see, I just want 12-15 boxes of the brown stick Aparajita and I am a happy camper. It really is the “DA SHIT” , smells like something straight out of Ancient Rome or something, the antithesis of boring church incense and crappy grocery store ones. I dislike nag champas too sweet and feminine for my taste.

  5. i may be ordering “vast quantities” to you, but to a manufacturer of agarbathies it’s barely a drop in the bucket… seriously, they keep pestering me to order more, and by more they’re talking about an 8-foot-by-8-foot shipping container… much as i’d like to have that much incense, i don’t know where i’d end up storing it… or afford to pay for it…

    and i went from 240 boxes to 10 boxes by starting out sending 120 of those boxes to the sitar emporium, and the rest to people (like you) who order 10 to 20 boxes because they can’t find it anywhere else… but it was about a year and a half between the first order and the second order… πŸ˜‰

    also, it would be kind of difficult for me to request aparajita in a masala form when it is a durbar to start with (the name of the incense is “Aparajita Special Herbal Durbar Agarbathi”) and it’s impossible for a durbar to be a masala… sorry…

  6. I had gotten it from some AnuDiana, on Ebay, but she was even more bizarre lol, but she had a bunch of incenses by Cauvery, the Aparajita was genuine I think, they smelt similar but were not brown but black and were not as strong, but it had the civet.
    Yeah if your ordering in bulk, make sure to tell them you want it in a brown masala form, since you order it in a vast quantity. Indian incenses are usually reformulated and often for the worse, sadly. How did you go from 240 boxes to 10 omg in a year?

  7. as far as i know at this point, there are two businesses that sell aparajita online in the united states: hybrid elephant, and the sitar emporium of chicago… and the sitar emporium bought their aparajita from me. 8)

    i’m sorry to say that Mr. Murthy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. “Arpitha” is an “aparajita” knock off read about my experience with arpitha here and it doesn’t smell anything like aparajita, although it is manufactured by cauvery…

    i don’t currently have 12 boxes (i actually only have 10), but i will be getting more within the next month or so, so check back and i’ll have a whole bunch, and it willprobably be $1 less expensive… 8)

    i emailed the addresses at the mavana web site a number of years ago, and didn’t hear anything. then, out of the blue, i got a “holiday greetings” email around this time of year a few years ago, from arun at mavana (i almost reported it as spam, until i looked at the sender’s address), and i had what i assumed was a rather constructive conversation with him, but he either didn’t understand, or couldn’t be bothered when i mentioned that the mavana web site should be updated, and it turned out that his “U.S. distributor” (an “OM Imports” in florida) was just somebody’s cell phone… and hasn’t responded to my emails since then

  8. My friend gave some to me, he probably bought it off you lol. The box has a white sticker saying 2010. I just wanted about 12-15 boxes of the stuff, for personal use, I am not a seller. I did phone them, thats the problem, who to talk to!! I had spoken to a Mr.Nagenderappa, but my god he told me to email. 2 weeks later nothing, then I get prompt responses from Mr.Murthy who is their financial manager. They reccomended Arpitha , which is apparently a stronger incense, but I do not know how that smells. Their Kasturi Sandal and Unique Sandal are horrid HEM clones lol. In any case I just wished I could get a hold of the manufacturers , Mavana and tell them to update their damn website.

  9. the brown sticks you got are, likely, the “original” aparajita, manufactured by Tabla brand/Mavana. there have been some “knock offs” of aparajita, including one by cauvery, but apparently the aparajita formula is now being correctly manufactured by cauvery under the mavana name.

    i am buying it directly from india… and their customer service is predictably spotty, because of the language difference and things like the last time i placed an order, they shipped it a day before a cyclone hit the shipping port and closed everything down for two weeks… 😐 but apart from that, the customer service is about what i expected dealing with an indian company.

    you can buy aparajita here.

  10. I came across this blog while googling Aparajita. My friend gave me a sample and I was wowed. The sticks he gave me were brown in color, then I got some from Ebay and they were black. They smelt almost the same but the brown sticks were stronger for sure. I tried to contact Cauvery, but their customer service is horrendous. I stay in Canada, the incense market here is pretty much non existent. Who do you get yours from ?? Cauvery as I know is the only place but I could be wrong judging from their horrid customer service

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