another week closer to the eschaton…

The Department of Homeland Security Is Searching Your Facebook and Twitter for These Words – Agriculture avalanche avian bacteria border botnet carbomb China drill drug drug war earthquake execution forest fire gang gas grid hack heroin hostage interstate Islamist Jihad Juarez keylogger kidnap La Familia looting malware marijuana meth lab nationalist nuclear outbreak Pakistan pandemic pipebomb pirates power lines radicals relief resistant Ricin riot San Deigo scammers screening symptoms Tamiflu terror U.S. Consulate violence virus warning weapons grade wildfire, Yemen, enriched, IRA, prevention, pirates, radicals, hurricane, storm, snow, watch, earthquake, help, hail, aid, relief, interstate, hacker, China, worm, and social media…. among others… hello DHS agents clowns 😐

$1B of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The Scanners – too bad i didn’t know this before i went to san francisco… oh well, there’s always next time… there’s a lot of interesting stuff at his blog, TSA Out of Our Pants!… check it out. 😉

US Congress expands authoritarian anti-protest law – and, of course, nobody else is reporting on it…

BP’s $7.8 Billion Settlement of Deepwater Horizon Spill Does Nothing for Louisiana – 😐

Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France – the prices are higher. you don’t get more, or better service, you just pay more. that’s it… 😡

18.6 million housing units in the United States are unoccupied – or, roughly, around 24 houses for every homeless person in the country… and they wonder why people are angry. 😐

wait… what???Pat Robertson Blames Liberals for Drug War and Overincarceration

this week’s WHO NEEDS TERRORISTS? segment includes: The report police hid for nearly two years, that corroborates an investigation, and vindicates a whistle-blower the NYPD tried to destroy and FBI Director: I Have to Check to See If Obama Has the Right to Assassinate Americans On U.S. Soil and A man who informed police when he found child abuse images on his computer has not been allowed to be alone with his daughter for four months and School Demands Access To 12-Year-Old’s Facebook and Email. Parents Not Notified and Peaceful Anti-Fracking Activists Pursued by FBI as ‘Eco-Terrorists’ and US soldier carries out brutal slaying of at least 16 Afghan civilians

Walmart For President – hey, corporations are people, remember?

normally i try to avoid this site, because mercola is a raving lunatic, but i just learned a quote from winston churchill, that goes “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.” and this is a good example: FDA Says Walnuts Are a "New Drug" and says that they can’t be marketed in a way that emphasises their omega-3 fats… but as long as people don’t know that they’re actually good for them, they’re fine. 😐