hoo boy… 😐

okay, i haven’t been posting for a while, because i’ve been as sick as i’ve ever been, apart from when i had my injury, and i’m only just now feeling marginally better. it has truly been one of the most awful things i have had to deal with in a very, very long time. i am, truly FUCKING TIRED of being sick.

and the thing that makes it so much worse is that, last saturday (the 14th), i was feeling somewhat better than i had been, so i decided to take a shower… but i passed out in the shower and ended up in the emergency room with an IV in my hand, because they couldn’t find the veins in my arms. πŸ˜•

at this point (touch wood) i am feeling marginally better than i did yesterday, and yesterday i was feeling marginally better than i did the day before, but i’ve still got a LONG way to go before i’m anywhere close to “back to normal.”

now i’ve got to go lie down again, so that i don’t fall over. hopefully that will go away soon, as well.

3 thoughts on “urgh”

  1. i’m assuming it’s the flu, but i don’t know for sure, because they said they were going to swab me for flu, but didn’t. at this point, i feel marginally better, but i’ve still got a cough and total exhaustion (which isn’t good, because i’ve got a gig tomorrow and another gig on sunday)… hopefully soon… 😐

  2. that sucks, i’m sorry you’be so sick like that. that’s actually really scary. what happened? what kind of sickness, and how did it go away? i hope you’re resting well and feeling so much better by now.

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