it has now been three weeks since i developed this lingering cough, which doesn’t bother me very much, except at night, when i wake up abruptly coughing and choking and stay awake for 10 to 15 minutes, until things calm down again… πŸ˜•

meanwhile, i have gone to two gigs, and had four rehearsals which i have survived (barely), and fixed a trombone, and it doesn’t seem to be getting significantly better… and when i went to see the doctor, all they did was prescribe codeine for my cough (which helps for about an hour or so, and then wears off and doesn’t do anything for the next 5 hours, until i can take another dose), and various other things to treat the symptoms i was having, which went away on their own, within a couple of days of my getting the prescriptions filled, without my having to actually, you know, medicate myself with anything AT ALL. 😐

(and people wonder about why i’m so suspicious of doctors in general.)

meanwhile, i’ve been sleeping around 4 to 6 hours more than normal, and feeling totally exhausted most of the time. 😐

i’ve got to start working on my art car, which doesn’t have any art painted on it yet, and really should before the end of next month. i’ve got a recording session coming up with the fremont philharmonic, and, on the same day, i am scheduled to appear for jury duty in pacific/algona, which i anticipate they will reject me for, once they discover that i am in favour of jury nullification. it’s actually too bad that i don’t have a similar excuse to the one the last time i was selected for jury duty, which was that i was in the hospital recovering from an intracerebral arteriovenous malformation rupture… apparently they decided that i have had enough time to recover from that… 😐

One thought on “urgh!”

  1. geez, really hopin’ ya feel super-dooper better fast!!! sounds like you are goin’ thur not-so-great times rite now. i dunno if i could get by without my multi-vitamins & glucosamine/ msm & fish oil pills. never take requimined amounts, just one-a-day of each.
    had nice short visit with karen (leonard’s daughter) & her daughter last week end. sure wuz a surprise.
    my oldest daughter still has not delieved baby yet. youngest docs say they don’t see cyst anymore – which i doubt cause she is still in pain.
    perdicting thunderstorms tonite. rite when i gotta walk to different building for meeting. not allowed to drive on the clock. ‘n if we get struck by lightning??? they will say it’s our fault & no ya don’t get workman’s comp.!!
    have planted several rose bushes & lilac bushes. luv them plants – inside & out….
    please take care cause i care.
    i can sympathize – my body screams at me before storms. dunno why……

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