ELECTION: obama won. i didn’t vote for him, but i’m glad that he won, because mitt romney is a gold plated asshole.

washington legalised cannabis and gay marriage, and elected a democratic governor, which are good things. in spite of the fact that i was torn on the cannabis issue, i couldn’t bring myself to vote against something that i have been encouraging others to vote for, for most of my life.

COMPUTER: i rescued my genealogical information by writing to the GRAMPS-users mailing list. i also rescued my address book, although i still don’t know how… i haven’t even come close to rescuing my old email, but that’s a relatively low priority, and if it never comes back, i won’t be too disappointed… although Kmail is still acting somewhat strangely. it may be because of “features” with which i am not familiar, yet. HOWEVER i still don’t have ANY sound from my computer, and it’s beginning to get frustrating.

HEALTH: i may be am probably getting a cold. moe has been sick for a couple of days, and i’m beginning to feel like, possibly as soon as tomorrow morning, i will also have a cold… i suppose it’s what i get for sleeping in the same bed as a sick person. 😐