so i found a way to make QR codes fail to work…
an irritating QR code that doesn't work
ETA: almost immediately i discovered that, while it didn’t work when i tested it locally, for some unknown reason, as soon as i posted it, it started working… weird… i’ll have to play around with it some more… 😐

2 thoughts on “hee”

  1. in fact, there’s a good chance that you are right. i deliberately cropped the white space around the outside, and it’s actually saved as a transparency (which would mean that, on a purple background, there would be purple instead of white)…

    i’ll have to do some more experimentation. 😎

    thanks for stopping by, tim. πŸ™‚

  2. I recently made a giant QR code as an artwork. It worked fine on my plain white wall at home, but stopped working when a gallery hung it on their brick wall. That’s when I learned that a QR code requires a fair amount of white space around it (it’s part of the spec). So I had to mount my QR code on an even bigger white square board to give it a plain background. I’m guessing your QR code started working because in your blog entry there’s more white space around it than when you were testing it offline. Just a hunch.

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