mwah hah hah hah hah!!

i went to the magnolia seafair parade this morning and didn’t boot up my computer for the day until a few minutes ago. when i logged into my email, 6 messages appeared in my inbox, all of which had the subject “IP Banned 2013/08/03 08:5X:XX am” where the “X”s are no more than 30 seconds apart. the first was from and the rest were from, which are in beijing, china, and, apparently, represent some sort of automated malware scanner…

but it’s kind of amusing, because they’re both from very similar IP addresses, which means that there’s probably some sort of malware that has taken over that computer and when it runs into an IP ban with one, it just tries the next one. what it doesn’t know is that after two banned attempts from the same /16, i just ban the entire /16… so it vainly tried to get into a number of known weaknesses in the site with at least 3 different user-agents, but because of the fact that the entire network was banned it FAILED FIVE MORE TIMES before it went somewhere else.

if this had been from borneo instead of china, i would be a lot more interested, but as it is…


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