both our tests came back negative today, but moe sez that she’s not sure about her test, because she spent A LOT of time around the lady from texas who did test positive, so she’s still wearing a mask around the house, and especially when she’s interacting with me… but i get to sleep in the bed, again, rather than sleeping on the other end of the house, on the couch.

there are 6 english words that contain the letters “M”, “E”, “O”, and “W”. they are:


i learned that years ago, and every time i use the word “homeowner”, insinctively, i think “homeowner”…

honer’s meow…

there’s a title.

2 thoughts on “mump…”

  1. you left off “in that order” from your meow thing. case in point: women. (sorry. my brain just works that way.)

    is Moe going to wait a week or so and re-test?

    1. yeah, i left off “in that order” because my brain doesn’t work that way, most of the time.

      the way my brain works is that if i don’t mean “in that order”, i’ll say so… 😉

      she’s supposed to keep an eye out for symptoms until tuesday, but if they don’t show up, re-testing isn’t necessary.

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