why?????? 😕

when i woke up this morning, at approximately 8:30, i checked my email, and i had over identical 1,000 spam messages, in my spam folder, and more coming in as i watched… now, at 9:45, i have deleted approximately 1,000 MORE identical spam messages… and there are more coming in at this very moment…

ETA: as of 11:00, i have deleted at least 1,000 MORE identical spam messages… 🙄 if i don’t read it the first time, what could POSSIBLY make a person think that i’ll read it the 5,000th time?

WHY do people do this?

<sigh> 🙄

i suppose it’s similar to asking why people write scripts to delete all the data in unknown peoples’ cloud drives.

as winston churchill said, it doesn’t take all kinds, but there are all kinds. 🙄

2 thoughts on “why?????? 😕”

    1. hey bruce! good to see you’re still alive and kicking… 😉 but, in my experience, answering a spam email is just asking to get 10,000 more identical messages, because replying just confirms that your address is real. as it is, this one topped out at around 5,000, this time, but it’s still going in bits and pieces, two or three an hour. unlike the first time this happened (a couple weeks ago), the spammer has apparently gotten wise to my ability to block a range of IP addresses, because now each new message comes from a completely different range of IP addresses… 😒

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