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beer good…

so lucy is pregnant again and we’re expecting puppies in the next few weeks. i bought a roll of linoleum for the floor, and most of the materials to make a whelping box. i didn’t get the materials to make a pig rail for it because i want to wait until we have a box that’s the right size.

the panto starts on saturday, at 4 and 7. in between, i’m playing with snake suspenderz at the gage for about half an hour.

i’d post more, but nablopomo has left me a little drained…

the rest

i finished three gifts, which should be the last of my x-mas “shopping” yesterday… which is the reason i didn’t get around to posting until very late yesterday. i’d post pictures of them, but they’re gifts and i don’t want to spoil the surprise. i’ll probably post pictures after the holidays, if i remember.

i also cleaned up the remainders of several projects that had accumulated on my workbench, which involved sorting of a number of tiny, almost but not quite identical parts into piles, and storing them in film containers, which took quite a bit of time, because the parts were so tiny.

i sent a message to the manufacturer of the penatrating oil that i bought recently, because the directions for the use of the penetrating oil assumes that you’re going to be using it on engines of some variety or another, and i am working on a musical instrument. i’m fairly sure what they’re going to say, but i just want to make sure before i start pouring unknown liquid into my antique horn.

hopefully i’ve got an order of postcards that will be arriving tomorrow, that i will be delivering to florentia clayworks when i get them. i’ve got a rehearsal tomorrow, a rehearsal tuesday, two rehearsals wednesday, an appointment and an optional rehearsal thursday, and three shows saturday.

the next two days posts are already taken care of. nablopomo, if it has done nothing else, has taught me about the scheduling feature of wordpress. when you’re much more organised than i am (which isn’t hard) you can schedule posts ahead of time, instead of using the “Publish immediately” feature in the upper right of the “Add New Post” page. i’ve actually scheduled a few posts over the past month, but i have also been disorganised enough that i haven’t been able to schedule everything, because normally it’s not necessary, i would normally just not post on a day that i had nothing to say. hint: the posts that i scheduled are posts that appear at the same time, down to the second, every day.

i’m just wasting space, because of nablopomo. if i weren’t obligated to post, i probably wouldn’t, today.

according to the gregorian calendar, this is the 20th of november, 2010 AD (Anno Domini).

according to the holocene calendar, this is the 20th of november, 12010 HE (Holocene, or Human Era).

according to the julian calendar, this is the 3rd of december, 2010.

according to the chinese calendar this is the 15th day of the 10th month of the 99th year of the republic.

according to the umm al-qura (islamic calendar) today is the 14th day of dhū ‘l-hijja, 1431 AH (After Hijira).

according to the nepali calendar, today is the 4th day of Mangshir, 2067 BS (Bikram Sambat).

according to hindu “pachang“, i got the following information for today, in seattle (your mileage may vary): Sunrise/Set: 07:22/16:26, Moonrise: 15:34, Kartikai, Shaka: 1932 Vikrutha, Kartika / Shukla Paksha
Tithi: Chaturdashi till 09:07:14, Nakshtra: Bharani till 17:24:09, Yoga: Variyan till 15:11:02, Karana: Vanija till 09:07:14, Karana: Vishti till 21:20:54, Rahukalam: 09:38-10:47, Yamagandam: 13:01-14:10, Gulikai: 07:22-08:31, Abhijit: 11:35-12:13, Durmuhurtam: 07:22-07:59, Durmuhurtam: 07:58-08:36, Varjyam: 29:47-31:26, Amritkalam: 12:22-14:03, Sun in: Vrishchika, Moon in: Vrishabha at 23:39, Tamil Yoga: Marana 17:24:09, Tamil Yoga: Siddha, Anandadi Yoga: Dwanksha 17:24:09, Anandadi Yoga: Dhawaja.

according to the zoroastrian calendar, today is tir shehrevar, 1380 YZ (Yazdegerdi Era).

according to ISO 8601, today is 2010W43-5.

according to the aztec calendar, it is 9 etz’nab 11 keh.

according to the tonalpohualli (mayan calendar), today is 12 acatl, 1 itzcuintli, 9 tecpatl

according to the long count mayan calendar it is baktun 12, katun 19, tun 17, winal 15, kin 18.

according to the discordian calendar, it is prickle-prickle, the 23rd day of The Aftermath, 3176 YOLD (Year of Our Lady of Discord)… or not…


i didn’t realise when i signed up for nablopomo, that i hadn’t taken into account the fact that i live in the boonies, and there’s always the possibility of the electricity going out… which it did, last night at around 9:30.

there hasn’t been any electricity all day, which means that my linux desktop box and the router have been down. my mac has also been down, in spite of the fact that it’s a laptop, even though it was powered down correctly and not on at all when the power went out, because apparently when you leave it plugged in it actively drains the power from the battery. it could be that the battery is broken in some way, but i don’t think so because i just bought it about a year ago. there may be something else wrong with the computer, but if there is, it doesn’t affect how it works as a computer, which means that i’ve not noticed it before, but one way or the other, when i tried to boot it up this morning, the battery was completely flat…

i’m currently plugged in at a friends’ house who has power and internet – they live on the other side of auburn and weren’t affected by the massive wind storm that we had last night. according to the power company they are “aware” of the fact that we don’t have power, but we should take comfort in the fact that an ever increasing number of customers (last count it was over 550) are also without power, however they have no estimate of when it will be restored… also, if our power is out for more than 120 consecutive hours we’ll get a $50 credit on our account… wonderful… 😐


i don’t suppose anyone else has noticed the NaBloPoMo logo in the sidebar over there, but it’s there, and to be honest, i have no justification for such an action.

yes, november is national blog posting month, and it would appear that i am signed up for it. but i’ve never been motivated to do this kind of thing before, and while i think it’s possible to come up with a blog post every day for a month – their web site talks about “discipline” – i don’t see that it will take much discipline to write a blog post every day. what concerns me is that i won’t be able to find content that will be appropriate, since one of the main purposes of this blog is to keep track of things that i want to remember, which means that each day is going to have to hold some gem that i will want to write about, and i know from many long years of experience that i can’t guarantee that’s going to happen…

anyway… go nablopomo… rah rah…