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all signs point to THE NAS!!!

the second disk has been installed, and the RAID1 instance is rebuilding again. allegedly, in around 27 hours, it will be complete, and then one of the twisted pair will remote in to change the partition sizes from thick to thin.

everything is proceeding EXACTLY as planned! 😈

the NAS

i keep thinking of Lord Buckley and his ravings about “The Naz”… once this is all over, i’m going to have to dig out my lord buckley CDs. 😉

i have the disks in hand… well, one of them is in hand, the other one is already in the RAID1 array, and is currently rebuilding — which means that i can’t use the NAS for things that i normally use it for… once the first disk has rebuilt, i can pop out the second smaller disk and replace it, and then wait for it to rebuild… also, apparently, along with the difference in space, i can now use a “thin” disk (as compared to a “thick” disk), which means… something… having to do with the array’s ability to expand into a larger disk space… or something like that… 🤷

i am astounded by the amount of technology i no longer understand, despite the fact that i am as much of a geek as i am, for as long as i have been… i mean, there’s some of it that has been superceded: people no longer use HTML4, but i had been a certified geek for 25 years before i worked with a disk that was more than a gigabyte, and i now have a 12 TERAbyte disk array, and from what i understand, it’s not even REALLY that big… despite the fact that the guy who showed up to put it in, today, mentioned that it is, and i quote, “a shit-ton of space”… 😉

allegedly, if everything goes according to schedule (and there’s no reason to believe that it won’t), the 12TB disk will rebuild for a long time — >24 hours — and then i have to shut the disk down, remove the 4TB disk and replace it with the other 12TB disk that is sitting on the desk, next to me, and then power it up again, at which point it will rebuild the other disk for >24 hours, and, after that, i can use the device normally. allegedly, there is some sort of arcane voodoo that someone has to do to the operating system to convert it from “thick” to “thin”, but, allegedly, that can be done remotely.

hopefully this will last me a little longer than the 4TB array did. 😉

the NAS

i remember when i got my first real computer job, after having volunteered as a typesetter for a newsletter for high school students who were planning on visiting the soviet union, back in the late ’70s. my first real computer job, which was in 1987, was for kwik-kopy printing, in the fountain district of bellingham. at the time, there were three local print shops in bellingham, kwik-kopy, minuteman, and kinkos… but kinkos was more of a”copy-only” place, and, in reality, when they got a print job, they would send it out to either kwik-kopy or minuteman. 😉 at the time, my only familiarity with computers apart from working on my father’s dumb terminal, and later his tandy/radio shack computer, was the experience i had on the Lisa that ran PageMaker, at the russian spy newsletter. only Tina knows what my father used it for (he regularly ran jobs that took more than 24 hours to complete, and my recollection is that he deliberately overclocked at least one processor out of existence), but i used it for writing programs that did weird stuff instead of acting like a computer, and, later, i started programming a GOD assistant for a friend’s rôle playing game called “Swords and Machinery” (get it? “S&M”… get it? 🤪)…

but my first actual computer job was using a MacPlus 512k computer with two external floppy drives (one for the system and one for programs and data storage), and an “almost unimaginably large” 80mb hard drive. at the time, i remember thinking that it was like an “electronic black hole, into which i could throw data, literally, forever, and not fill up”… 😒 little did i know… of course, this was also during the time in which you could take four 512k floppy disks to any apple dealer and walk away with a free copy of the operating system. apple computers have changed A LOT in the past 40 years… 😒

the point of all this nostalgic rambling is that my “almost unimaginably large” 4TB NAS, which i couldn’t imagine how i was going to fill up when i got it, a couple years ago, is more than ¾ full, and i need to upgrade, if i’m going to keep ahead of the kinds of problems i had with my previous NAS 😒… so i emailed the twisted pair who whips my computers (and networks) into shape, and asked them about an upgrade to the next logical step above 4TB. the numbers they came back with were for 6TB and 8TB, which were respectable, and would basically double what i’ve got now, but i was talking on the phone with one of them, yesterday, and he said that they had 12TB drives for CHEAPER than 10TB drives, and when i asked him how much a 12TB drive was going for, he said $210… and i was FLABBERGASTED… i was under the impression that drives were A LOT MORE expensive than that… recall that i spent $600 for the 4TB drives i got just two years ago…

and, naturally, since two 12TB drives would come out to $420, i said i had to go for it. 😉

so, in a couple weeks, one of them is going to come by, remove the 4TB disks and replace them with 12TB disks. hopefully, that’ll do us for a little while more, this time.