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the following items are for sale at a storage unit in bellevue. if they aren’t sold before 01-27-2014, they will go to the dump.


reply by email or telephone, and i will tell you where and when to meet me to pick up the items.


big desk
1 DESK – two level. bottom level 38″x30″, top level 35″x12″. floor to surface of bottom level 29″. metal and wood veneer, very sturdy. $35 OBO

small desk
1 DESK – with wheels, 41″x19″, floor to desk surface 26.75″. wood veneer over pressboard, has a box that was used for shelves and a drawer. the hardware is still there. $20 OBO

filing cabinet
1 FILING CABINET – 36″ wide by 43″ high by 19″ deep with three shelves and doors. heavy metal. $40 OBO

corner unit
2 CORNER UNITS – for corner desks. units are very heavy and sturdy, and designed to fit on top of a corner desk. each one makes a plain flat desk into a space for a computer monitor or suchlike, with disk storage on the sides, plus 3 shelves. $25 each OBO

5 keyboard trays
5 KEYBOARD TRAYS – bolt-under-the-desk variety keyboard trays with separate mouse pads. $10 a piece, $30 for the lot, OBO

14 CUBE WALLS – three 30.5″x63″, two 24″x51″, five 42″x51″, two 42″x39″ one 30″x39″, one 48″x63″ with electrical connections. start your own cube farm! $100 takes ’em all, OBO

COUNTER TOP!! – three pieces of 1.5″ grey heavy vinyl counter top: one 24″x48″; one 24″x64″ with a 6.5″x10.5″ piece cut out of one corner and a 2.5″ diameter circle in the side with the piece cut out of it; one 24″x72″ with a 2.5″ circle towards the middle of one of the long side. $50 for all, OBO

2 coat racks
2 COAT RACKS – one slightly wobbly. $10 for both, OBO

1 HIGH INTENSITY LAMP – folding “elbow” style lamp with high intensity bulb and NON-STANDARD PLUG. $5 OBO

and, finally…

fake tree
1 FAKE TREE – 6 feet high, no water necessary, guaranteed green no matter what (it was in our storage unit for 10 years and never wilted). $5 OBO

14 DVD movies for sale

14 DVD movies for sale: – Casino Royale, Gridlock, Stealth, Anacondas – The Hunt for The Blood Orchid, Eddie Murphey – The Haunted Mansion, The Devil Wears Prada, Man on Fire, Sabrina, Syriana, Scary Movie 4 – Unrated, Roswell – Cover-ups and Close Encounters, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde and Borat. Prefer that they all go at once, but if they go separately, they’re $4.00 each.