i just got a very strange call which i assume to be a sales call…

the phone rang and i answered it and it was a recording. i’ve noticed that it’s a recording under one of two different circumstances: either it’s somebody really important to talk to, like the utility company, the phone company or the cable company, who wants to tell us that, if we don’t pay our bill immediately, some essential service is going to be disconnected, or it’s a sales call.

i didn’t catch what the guy was saying at first, but as i was realising that it was a recording, i did hear that it was concerning our “private line retail service”, which sounded important enough that i held on rather than hanging up immediately… but after keeping me waiting for five minutes, the recording apologised for taking my time, said they would call back later, and hung up.

W. T. F.???

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  1. i used to have a similar attitude about recorded calls, but then i missed a recorded call from the phone company recently which resulted in our phone and internet service being shut off incorrectly for 2 days, because the phone company screwed up and thought we hadn’t paid our bill – when in reality we had 8/ – and if i had caught the recorded message, all of that wouldn’t have happened.

    but i’ve also put myself, permanently, on the “do-not-call” list, so i don’t normally get sales calls of any kind anyway.

  2. Here’s one of those places where Hobbit’s “Essential Inner Jerk”(tm) comes to the fore. If I pick up my phone and it’s a recording telling me to hang on I hang up.

    I don’t care if the next voice on the line is going to be Ghod his/herself. If you call and bother me, especially if I don’t previously know you, you’d by fuck better be at the other end of the line when I say hello.

    (This has been a recording of “HH Pet Peeve Rant”(tm) #312. Thank you.)


  3. the mystery has been solved… sort of…

    they actually called me back – with the same recording as an introduction – but you were right, it was one of those machines that calls people and waits until you answer, and then puts you on hold until they get around to talking with you…

    … and it was for somebody i’ve never heard of before. basically their machine dialed a wrong number. 8/

  4. I seem to have got onto the list for a sales team trying to sell home improvements and they seem to make every single person in the team go through the same phone book until you get so annoyed you start slamming the phone down on them (or just pressing the red telephone symbol on your cordless really hard!!!

    Once I got a recorded message ringing me up, that was wierd. But as to what you’ve just found, my imagination says it’s a machine that rings numbers, if you pick up it plays a message asking you to hold on until a member of staff in the office notices and has time for grabbing the phone and talking to you.

    I don’t think that would be a very good way of persuading people though, it’s just so annoying.

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