urgh… depressed…

in the past four days, i’ve updated ‘ links on the The Church of Tina Chopp (which i was just notified about this morning) and applied for a job <shudder> at a place where i’ve applied about every six months for the past three years and not been hired. i’ve known the guys who run the print shop for 25 years – since we both lived in bellingham – and i’ve never been hired by these guys for any of the jobs that they have had available during that period of time, so i don’t expect much different this time, but i applied again because moe asked me to.

3 thoughts on “500”

  1. Aaah, well wow, that’s its own kind of suckage. I’m going to meditate on abundance of resources, and fun, stimulating activities for you. I feel that way too when I’m not in school, after a while of housework and creative work, I just get bugged by lack of paid work and less than ideal circumstances to do my thing in.

  2. i’m not so worried about money. what depresses me is that i no longer have enough money to buy a workshop like i thought i was going to be able to do (the stock market is a terrifically fickle thing) and i don’t have anywhere to play my keyboards and i haven’t had any hybrid elephant orders at all for more than a month now, and without those things i’m going crazy not having anything to do… 8/

  3. Awww, I’m sorry. I hope that works out for you. Money troubles are the worst, ugh. I’m in dire straits too about now, I’m trying to figure out what I could possibly do. I’m going to be reworking things.

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