you know how hard it is to place a coin on it’s edge when you’re trying… you can do it, but it’s difficult, and especially so when the surface is uneven. i wasn’t paying attention, and wasn’t trying to put this penny down in any particular way, and it came to rest like this anyway.

a penny on edge
a penny on edge
a penny on edge

2 thoughts on “501”

  1. rudraksha is correct.

    i keep having to remind myself that, regardless of how dismal life seems sometimes, God is right here along with me anyway, whether i like it or not… 8)

  2. of course! it’s the energy of the tiger balm and crystals and the rud beads! … what are those called? rud-something. rudraksha? rud…

    but yeah, pennies from heaven 🙂 i’d take that as a good omen that flukes of good fortune are within your sphere of possibility right now.

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