the ballard sedentary sousa band is playing tomorrow at folklife, at approximately 12:30 pm at the fountain lawn stage. we’re also playing at 10:00 pm for the party after.

i got an incense order today. first one in almost 2 months.

One thought on “508”

  1. The Emerald City Jug Band is playing tomorrow evening on the Fisher Green stage, 8:30 pm. In all likelihood it’ll be the last gig I play with them.

    (That’s assuming you can call it a “gig” when you’re not being paid and they’re taking money from your CD sales as well as charging you $10 just so you can sell ’em yourself instead of having to mark them up to a ridiculous level in their “official” sales places so they don’t sell at all.)

    But I’m not bitter. A little tart perhaps.


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