Pick 5 favorite books. Post the first line of each book (obscuring names if need be). Challenge your friends list to guess the books.

1. _________ spoke: When in the field of virtue, in the field of ____, assembled together, desiring to fight, what did my army and that of the Sons of _____ do, _______?

2. ___ can be talked about, but not the ______ ___. Names can be named, but not the eternal name. As the origin of heaven and earth, it is nameless: as “the Mother” of all things, it is nameable. “Dao De Jing” by Lao Tzu

3. I have begotten thee, O my son, and that strangely,as thou knowest, upon the ______ _____ called _______, as it was mysteriously fortold unto me in ___ ____ __ ___ ___. “Liber ALEPH vel CXI” by Aleister Crowley

4. Now ____ is explained. ____ is the restraining of the mind-stuff from taking various forms.

5. Some 794 letters make up the words for the numbers from one through to ninety-nine. Among them all, I notice, there are only two l‘s.

i left out The Bible, because anybody would probably recognise that, even with the names obscured.

4 thoughts on “673”

  1. The second one’s the Dao De Jing. (Yeah, I like Hanyu Pinyin more than Wade-Giles…)

  2. whoa… that’s one of the ones i didn’t expect anyone to get… congratulations. 8)

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