i was in the house that has been a part of many recurring dreams over the years, which is an abandoned house that you reach by “walking to the canadian border” where there is a huge suspension bridge that you have to cross over to get into canada. once you have navigated the maze of inspectors and suchlike to get through the border, the house is the first one you get to once you cross the bridge. it is actually underneath the bridge abutment, and, because of the fact that it is abandoned, you actually have to climb off the bridge and drop down to ground level, and then go down a driveway towards the water, and jump over a fence to reach it.

except that this time i had my bike – a bike i had when i was in high school – and the house was actually occupied by a “family” of hippies who hadn’t cleaned up or repaired anything to make it more habitable. i remember actually telling one of the hippies that i had been to the house before, many times, and it had been abandoned previously. the hippy’s response was to say that they had moved into the house comparatively recently, because there was no place else for them to live. the house was considerably more “messed up” than it had been before, with piles of dirt and garbage all over the place, although they had the beginnings of a really nice garden, and a large grow room full of big, juicy buds that were waiting for harvest, and the kitchen, while not exactly clean, was in far better shape than it had been in my previous dreams about the house. there were around five of these hippies, including at least one woman, who i saw but didn’t talk to. they were all “older” hippies, although they could have been young and just had bad teeth and skin conditions, or something like that. i got stoned with a couple of them, and their buds were, indeed, fat, juicy and potent. i recall being intensely curious about the fact that i had been in the house previously (it was almost like lucid dreaming, but not quite… i was aware of the fact that i had been dreaming my previous visits to the house, but not that i was currently dreaming), before it was inhabited, and poked around quite a bit. one of the places that i poked around in was a place that i recalled having been in previously, was now the “bedroom” for one of the hippies, and a good deal more “messed up” than it had been previously, with a temporary wall built of concrete blocks and boards, with a blanket over them.

finally, i decided to go… back? home? i’m not sure, but wherever it was that i was headed was, ultimately, going to take me back over the bridge to the united states. leaving the house, at this point, involved climbing over enormous piles of trash and garbage that had accumulated outside of the kitchen, and when i had gotten over that, i discovered that my bike was missing. there were several other bikes there, but mine was not. i went back into the house, over the enormous piles of trash, and found one of the hippies, who offered to get me more stoned. i am not one to ever turn down marijuana, but i was a little frustrated when i told him that my bike was missing and he totally ignored me, so i found another hippie, who joined us getting stoned. he said that if my bike was missing, just take one of the other bikes that was there, but my bike was brand new, and the bikes that were there were ones that had “been around the block a few times” and were old, ratty, and not very well maintained.