the printer that i originally wanted to do the inside (black & white) pages – troy – can’t do it on schedule because the job is too large – 60,000 impressions, 30,000 finished pieces – and we need it in 2 weeks. the printer that did the colour cover (at a very reasonable price, $700) can do it, but wants $4500, and they will only print it on 100# gloss book with an aqueous coating – read “very shiny, durable, high quality printing” – which is way fancier and heavier-duty than we need, and far outside our budget. kinkos can do it on time, and stay inside our budget, plus do the stuff that we thought we were going to have to do outselves (fold, collate, staple), but it’s kinkos… yeeech!

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  1. Yeeech, indeed! Nick (my husband) used to work at Kinko’s – it was okay at first, but they really don’t treat their employees very well. He left when the new manager at his store started discriminating against all the employees whose lifestyles she didn’t agree with – gay, living together but not married (us at the time), etc.

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