the first box of colour covers arrived today. they are a thing of beauty, and i can’t wait to see the complete program…

but i just got a call from RB, who is one of the producers of the show. he’s concerned that the schedule in program isn’t right. yes, the schedule is not right: he neglected to send me the most up-to-date schedule until it was too late, and now he’s paying for it. so, instead, he, himself, wants to typeset the right information, combine them with a screened background and “replace” entire pages of the program during the printing process, so that the schedule will be right. he says “we’re doing this for the artists, and they’re going to want an accurate schedule”, but i think that just about any artist would understand that, after a certain point, changes cannot be made, and i am not going to have time to make the changes myself… which means that someone else (RB?) will be attempting (and, knowing RB and crew, probably failing miserably, but doing it anyway because that’s what RB wants) to match my typography and the line screen on the halftones… which means that the program won’t look as good, even with the colour covers.

he says he appreciates the work i put into it, and that “he’s never produced a shoddy performance”, but i doubt he’s got the typefaces, never mind the time or expertise to combine them with the artwork the way i did. if he appreciates my work so much, why doesn’t he leave it alone, rather than fucking with it? he says “we’re doing this for the artists”, but what about my artwork? doesn’t that matter? if so, why did i even bother in the first place? 8\

i’m starting to agree with chris… the MF is a MF… 8/