dan’s funeral

my good friend, dan, husband of moe’s friend and compatriot, trudy, died suddenly last week, of a heart attack. his funeral was today.

it was a catholic funeral, but i get the impression that it was catholic more for his family than it was because he wanted it that way, because i didn’t know him as anything like obviously catholic. afterwards they showed a video commemorating him. trudy was in tears, and it looked like she had been that way for at least a week.

why wasn’t it me?

and even worse, if it had been me, it probably wouldn’t have affected dan’s life anyway…

i am going to have to be able to “forget” about this for long enough to do lights and sound for the closing night of drunk puppet night, and then go to a closing night party. at this point, i don’t know whether it’s going to happen or not.

One thought on “dan’s funeral”

  1. oh wow… i’m so sorry.

    ruby’s working tech/stage crew tonight too, then has a cast party.

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